This Website is dedicated to all the amazing Equine Resin Models out there.

When I started organizing my Collection, I realized that many information about most Resins are VERY hard to come by, especially for very old Editions or sculptures produced by Brigitte Eberl - only because she creates SO many awesome resins that you'll simply lose track of all her releases at some point.
So I started digging through the Internet and documented everything I was able to find. When my friend asked me for help with her Collection, too, I thought it might be a great idea
to share my information with all the Collectors and Hobbyists out there!

So here you go!
Feel free to browse through the lists of Sculptures, sorted by each Artist.

-- This page has been updated on January 8th, 2018 --

There are still a LOT of information missing and if you have any details to fill in, just leave them in the Comments and I'll add them to the list.
You can use the little pen you'll find on the left bottom of each posting for it
leave me an eMail.

Kitty Salz


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Artists to be added soon:

Catherine Irving

Spotlight gallery artist Steph Blaylock
Spotlight gallery artist Sarah Bieber
Spotlight gallery artist Aleksander Freda