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December 2018
Twilight - a Mini Unicorn by Thomas Fielding via Horsing Around
Cat Creek Fleet Feet - a Stock Horse mare by Lynn Fraley
Frosty Jupiter and Snowy Polaris - two christmas SRs by Vincent Lange

November 2018
Chama - an extremely limited gelding by Sue Kern
Arawn - a fairytale Pony by Kim Murray
Francisco - an Iberian medallion by Nikki Button
Sulien - a Gypsy horse medallion by Jenn Kroll
Toros - an Iberian stallion by Yana Danilova
Cubequines Vol.2 - Medallions by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig

🎃 October 2018 🎃
Cumulus - the trotting Draft by Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko
Liska and Fazan - a Lipizzan mare / foal set by Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko
Jumper - the new jumping WB by Brigitte Eberl
Fantasy Series - a collection of Miniature Horses by Vincent Lange
Mini Wah-Hoo - a small Mustang by Kitty Cantrell
Mini Nemesis - the companion to Wah-Hoo by Kitty Cantrell
Orion - a grazing Arabian by Yana Danilova

August 2018
Abrantes - a standing Iberian by Josine Vingerling
Mini Backbeat Thunder - the popular draft by Lynn Fraley
Mini Valentin II - a show special by Brigitte Eberl
Nemorino - a standing part-Arab gelding by Brigitte Eberl
Lola (long mane) - the mini QH mare by Josine Vingerling

July 2018
The Comedian - a spunky stallion by Sue Kern
Covenant's Legacy - a standing Morgan by Chris Jolly
Hawk - a TB gelding by Maggie Bennett
Falcon & Enterprise - two racing TBs by Rayvin Brewer

June 2018
KiAlma and Nakalma - a mare / foal combo by Lynn Fraley
Luna - a heavy draft mare by Yana Danilova
Pendzire - a standing Akhal Teke mare by Oleg Bazhenov
Mini Woodbridge - the SM resin by Kitty Cantrell
SM Family - a SM trio by Kelly Sealey

May 2018
Favor - a standing Friesian mare by Tammy Myrold
Ieronimo - a trotting Fjord stallion by Brigitte Eberl
QH gelding - a 'still nameless' standing QH gelding by Brigitte Eberl
Barnaby -  a feisty little pony stallion by Nikki Button

April 2018
Mini Brio - the shrunk Brio Sombra stallion by Sheila Bishop
Mini Fraxinus - the shrunk Draft gelding by Anna Zaharenkova
Robin - a Micro Mini Shire stallion by Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko
Hillingar - the first unicorn in a series by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig
Ozymandias - a striking Akhal Teke stallion by Sue Kern

March 2018
Soraya - an Arabian mare by Jasmin Ruhland
Lilith - a unicorn mare by Jasmin Ruhland
Lemme at'em - a Stock Horse mare by Eva Rossiter
Dewdrop - the adorable SM-sized mare by Mindy Berg
Brande Bun - the mini version of Bunny by Stacey Tumlinson
Lola - a Mini Stock Horse mare by Josine Vingerling

February 2018
Pecheng - a bucking Bronco by Anna Zaharenkova
Dr.Manhattan - a standing Draft gelding by Sue Kern
Levi - the impressive QH stallion in 3 hair versions by Jenn Scott
Esmeralda II - the famous sleepy Cobra mare by Brigitte Eberl
Noriker - a trotting SM by Vicki Keeling
Straggler - a Mustang medallion by Christina Riley

January 2018
Cutting horse medallion by Becky Turner
Gumnut - a traditional jumping horse by Carol Warwick
Liam - a WB medallion by Amanda Brock
Curly Q - a Gypsy Vanner foal by Kira Matrejek
Bluebell - the adorable lying Draft mare by Ilona Himmelmann
Pecheng - a bucking Bronco by Anna Zaharenkova
Belle Star - the Stablemate twin to the successful mare by D'Arry Jone Frank
Seunta, Avatar and Son of Seunta - now in Stablemate size by Kitty Cantrell!

🎁 December 2017 🎁

ASB - a Saddlebred stallion by Sarah Rose
Polaris - the sweet Trick pony by Vincent Lange
Artesia - a galloping mare by Lynn Fraley
Toby - a small trotting Drafter by Horsing Around
Arabian medallion by Yana Danilova

November 2017
Luan - a relaxed Arabian stallion by Eva Rossiter
Portia and Alexis - a Pony mare and foal set by Mindy Berg
Tadpole - the famous chunky Shetland Pony by Kylee Parks
Jools - a standing Friesian stallion by Josine Vingerling
Tor, Inger and Leif - a Fjord family by Candace Liddy
Alejandro - a trotting Hackney by Yana Danilova

👻 October 2017 👻

Vortex - a bucking Mustang by Airen Chandler via Seunta, LLC
Mini Thunderbutt - the SM version of Kitty Cantrell's popular Draft
Serendipity - an Arabian mare by Kitty Cantrell
MM Gypsy Vanner - a Micro Mini Vanner by Kelly Sealey
ICE - the adorable Akhal Teke foal by Christina Riley
Archer - a jumping gelding by Trish Forsyth
Auron - a Welsh Pony stallion by Kim Murray
Athena - a rearing mare by Tammy Myrold

September 2017
Mini Benicio - the small version of the uber-popular Shire by Sue Kern
Bride - the peacock-feathered princess horse by Oleg Bazhenov via Seunta, LLC
Gigi - a charming little Pony mare by Mindy Berg

August 2017
Adib - a standing Arabian stallion by Josine Vingerling
Nazira - a Modelhorsefest SR Arabian mare by Brigitte Eberl
La Nuova - a standing WB mare by Brigitte Eberl
Rorschach - a young stallion by Sue Kern 

July 2017
Bunny - the standing Draft mare by Stacey Tumlinson
Fiesta and Laura - the playful mare and dog set by Yana Danilova
Upton - the braided jumper by Morgen Kilbourn
Switchback - a classic rearing Mustang by Kitty Cantrell
Anton - a trotting WB by Brigitte Eberl
Adderly - a feisty Pony mare by Lynn Fraley

June 2017
Aeos - an Iberian stallion by Lynn Fraley
the Nemesis - a rearing Mustang by Kitty Cantrell
Tikva - an Arabian mare by Jenn Kroll
Leonardo - general release of Emilia Kurila's WE stallion

May 2017
Erastus - a standing Mustang by Kitty Cantrell and Randy Buckler
Windbreak - a Mustang gelding by Julie Brooks
Bucephalus - the iconic stallion by Oleg Bazhenov
Joker - a playful Akhal Teke mare by Oleg Bazhenov
Acacia - an Arabian mare by Anna Zaharenkova

April 2017
Covergirl - a dynamic Saddlebred mare by Jennifer Scott
Bellamira - a standing lipizzan mare by Brigitte Eberl
Dante - a trotting Oldenburg by Brigitte Eberl
Zhorik - the funny sitting gelding by Yana Danilova
Malikai - a chunky gelding by Amanda Brock

March 2017
Lada - the rolling mare by Yana Danilova
Night Owl - a prancing stallion by Sue Kern
Moonpie - a new Saddlebred mare by Airen Chandler

February 2017
Wilga - a Hucul mare by Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko and Lea K. Magga
Day Dreamer - an Arabian stallion by Jen Olp

January 2017
Leela - a sleepy mule foal by Jenn Danza
Maro - the miniature Mustang by Sue Kern
Gazyr and Asman - two Akhal Teke stallions by Margarita Malova

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