Linda Lima

Sculptures of Linda Lima
Linda Lima started with model horse collecting the same way many of us do - whenever she saw a 'horse-shaped object' she would ask her mom to buy it! She and her twin sister Carol Gasper started drawing horses in the 5th or 6th grade, and their artwork was published in The Western Horseman magazine. In 1975 Linda started selling her equine portraits through art shows and to private collectors. She once even traded Painting for Dressage lessons!
In 1982 her focus shifted to the three-dimensional world of carousel horses. For over ten years, she and her husband worked with life-sized antique carousel horses, making huge rubber molds for fiberglass replicas.
With assistance from neighbor Kathleen Moody, Linda began the armature for her first original sculpture in 1988. She then began casting her work in resin and has never looked back.
Sadly Linda Lima passed away some years ago.

- Name - - Year - - Run - - Price - - status - - picture -
Ambrea 2001
115$ sold out
Charisma 1997 50
sold out
Daisy Mae 1992 47 240$ sold out
10 sold u/p
Dare to Dream 1993 25 185$ sold out
Expresso 1996 50 95$ sold out
Gypsy Prince 1990 45 230$ sold out
Nadeer 1997 50 140$ sold out
not sold u/p
Savannah Breeze 1994 50 150$ sold out
25 sold u/p
Shy Anne 1996 50 95$ sold out
Si Amigo 1995 50 95$ sold out
standing Mule
(BHR edition)
1992 50 210$ sold out
not sold u/p