Pamela Du Boulay

Sculptures by Pamela DuBoulay

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Horse with a Golden Saddle
TR 125 1997
Closed Edition of 125. Copies are sold out.
Produced and marketed by Animal Artistry.

Pamela DuBoulay painted less than 10 (3 grey and 1 chestnut known). The remaining Resins were painted by Rita Stokes and Andrew Garrett. None available or sold unpainted.
Standard colors available were white grey, iron grey, chestnut, liver chestnut, golden bay, red bay and dark bay. Other colors were available for an additional 15%.

Finished Resins sold for 800$ for the first 50 of the Edition. Price later was 1000$ for the remaining copies. Postage and packing were 50$ additional.

This elegant sculpture of Hilal was originally sculpted by Pamela in the late 1970's, and at the time she only reproduced two models in resin, one of which she retained as she felt it was not suitable for bronze, (her normal medium); it then lay dormant for many years.
The sculpture is based on an Arabian stallion with authentic antique ceremonial accoutrements. The saddle is portrayed as embroidered with golden thread, and encrusted with red, green and blue stones; this saddle would have been used by royalty or dignitaries of the time. The blue beads, according to Arabian custom, are a protection against the evil eye, which in Western terms would mean jealousy or wishing to covet.
Hilal is made from the finest bone china with 22 carat gold accoutrements, a platinum bit and reins made of gilded copper wire, with the finest gold braid for the rope.
Hilal is standing on a desert base, upon a wooden plinth. This truly fabulous piece is now being individually hand made to order only, produced and finished by the finest craftsmen. Pamela gives her final seal of approval and each piece comes with a Certificate of Authentication.

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Bedouin / Desert Scene 1997 sold out

Closed Edition of 50 Copies, available in Resin or Bone China.
Originally produced in bronze, 9 copies.

This unique sculpture was inspired by Pamela's many visits to Jordan.
Individually hand made to order in bone china and standing on a wooden plinth. The sculpture comes with a Certificate of Authentication.

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Arabian Foal
sold out

This delicate foal is individually hand made to order in resin and stands on a wooden plinth. The sculpture comes with a Certificate of Authentication.

Pamela also create some very delicate Bronze pieces.

Arabian Mare with Foal

Arabian Stallion with Groom

Jamal - the Arabian Stallion

striking Arabian Stallion with Saluki

Racing Camel