Karren Cassavant

Sculptures of Karren Cassavant

Karren started collecting model horses in the 7th grade. Two lifelong friends and Karren were gathered at Linda Kelly's (another life long friends) house when in walked one of Linda's little brothers with a rubber horse. He didn't get out of that room without trading his horse! (Karren still has Rhumba)
Thus began the weekly Saturday meeting of the FILLIES club. Every Saturday morning neighbors saw tree out of the four girls trucking down the street with a satchel full of model horses in hand. It was the sacred duty of the hostess to supply a bottle of Pepsi to each member. A lot of the horses that went to the kitchen table Barter block every week were Stuart polyethylene horses. Even then the Fillies were cutting them apart and using Elmer's glue as filler. They also did the hard mane and tails with thread and Elmer's.
Due to using less Tester's paint (which was a whole .10 a bottle), Karren then limited herself to the 3 or 4 inch variety of models. Those were the days when the Breyer PA mare came in glossy white and had not stamp, and lots of the horses going to the weekly meeting were mini Hagen Renakers. 
Karren had to leave town to get her first DW HR! A Monrovia, tri-eye, Forever Amber was her going away present from the Fillies when her family moved to the Phoenix area. She attended Phoenix College and graduated with distinction in Commercial Art. She was the editor of Appy Talk carried in the Arizona Horseman magazine. She also did many types of free lance art work including commissioned oil painting and advertising signs. 
She did not actively collect again until he early 70's. Linda Kelly moved to the Phoenix area and the old collecting fever broke out. Karren's husband actively participated in the collecting binges with at least one day of the weekend spent searching Park and Swap for models. Soon the Valsun Model Horse club evolved with Karren being one of the four founding members. 
Karren created close to two hundred models during the years she offered customizing. Her horses won many ribbons and championships at various shows under a number of judges all over the country. Several of her horses belong to European and Australian collectors and have been successfully shown abroad. 
It came as a shock to her to find she could also sculpt. When there was a shortage of good cattle to show in performance, Karren sculpted her first four legged critter, Cross 'Bread". Then came Fellow Conspirator (Percheron Drafter). His name honors all those friends who offered constructive criticism. Karren doesn't consider Fellow Conspirator to be a remake since she used a Breyer Tennessee Walking horse as an armature only. Fellow Conspirator was one of the first horses in the hobby to be reproduced in ceramic. Terminator is Karren's first horse to be reproduced in resin.

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Dynamic TR 2003

sold out
Terminator TR 2002

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