Ed Gonzales

Sculptures of Ed Gonzales

- Name - - Year - - Run - - Price - - status - - picture -
American Spirit 1999 100
(less made)

sold out
Asad 2004 75 185$ sold out
Countess 1999 15
sold out
Equinox 2001
200$ sold out
Impavido 1998 60
sold out
10 sold u/p
Kentucky Cabaret 1997 20 + 10 AP 425$
and up
sold out
all painted by
Tom B.
Misha tbd

Miz Charisma 1996 80 325$
and up
sold out
not sold u/p
Nemo 2001 60 200$ sold out
Revelation 1998 95 + 5 AP
sold out
not sold u/p
Serenity 2003 RbR 185$ sold out
Status Symbol 1995 175 175$ sold out
125 sold u/p
Summer Symphony 2003 RbR
75$ sold out

Status Symbol
1995 brought the a new start for Gonzales Studios. With the loyal help of Sara Minkiwicz-Brueing, and Duncan and Daphne McPherson of Cascade Models, Status Symbol was created. Released as an origanal run of 175 pieces, the edition was sold in various ways. Over 50 of the pieces were painted by Ed Gonzales, while Lynn Fraley, Laurie Jo Jensen and Sara Minkiewicz, painted 10 artist proofs each. The rest of the Edition was sold unpainted. The piece sold out in 7 months, and was just a preview of more things to come. 

Miz Charisma was the second resin released by Ed Gonzales, in partnership with Tom Bainbridge. The piece named itself and shortly after claimed in it's first year of showing NAN National Champion and Reserve Morgan. And she just keeps doing it by repeating the titles again last year, with one painted by Lynn Fraley and owned by Barb Ness taking home the big ribbons, and Lisa Czarnik, painted by Ed Gonzales taking the Reserve. 

Kentucky Cabaret was created as the ideal ladies horse, with smooth gaits that seemed as if she was dancing. This piece has done very well in the performance divison, as well as halter as the one pictured and owned by Marcella Peyre-Ferry has done. All artist proofs by Ed Gonzales have been sold withing months. 

The Countess is a revision you might say of Kentucky Cabaret. The Countess is the altered version of Kentucky Cabaret. Resculpted to bring to life the Half Arabian or NSH mare, with a more dynamic trot and show horse attitude. This piece was cast on a very limited number with a total of 15. 

Impavido, he thought of a young talented Spanish stallion races through the mind. With the thought of the Iberian horse, Impavido was created, invisioned as a young stallion and doing his best to do the Spanish walk. Artist proofs sold quickly after release. 

Revelation is the park horse morgan stallion, sculpted by Ed Gonzales, and released in partneship with Tom Bainbridge. Type, spirit and motion captured are the words best to describe this guy. 

American Spirit, 13" of Saddlebred power. An above average size and attitude. The very first Artist Proof is owned by Kathy Wiggens, who showed him in one of her fabulous parade sets on Breyerfest and NAN 2000! 

Nemo is a classic example of a Friesian Stallion, poised and graceful. From an excting idea by Margaret Thompson, and the eyes of artist Ed Gonzales, a star is born. A traditional scale piece, who balances on his tail, and is limited to a one mold run. 

Equinox, the mighty draft stallion is captured in this traditional sized scale resin. An original sculpture by Ed Gonzales, comes with a removable base, for showing and painting ease.