Keren Gilfoyle-McGroarty

Sculptures of Keren Gilfoyle - McGroarty
Keren considers herself one of the 'veterans' of the hobby. Although she first entered the hobby in 1970, she was sculpting hoses long before that! In fact, she does not remember when she first began sculpting. Certainly horses shaped from pasticene were one of her earliest play things.
From the age of 10 she moved on to using various air-drying clays, but even though she was creating (and selling) horses made from these materials from her early teens, she still wasn't satisfied. Discovering (and then owning) Pamela du Boulay's exquisite Rydal Arabs fired her with an ambition to create her own sculptures of equal beauty and anatomical detail. Attempts to launch her own equivalent of the Rydal's in the 1970's failed through lack of access to anyone with mold-making expertise. 
Discovering Breyers and developing techniques to customize them in 1976 diverted Keren temporarily from creating her own line of original sculptures, but in 1986 she had the chance to put out a piece in resin in the USA. This Arab stallion was one of the first hobbyist resins and proved influential. It also led Keren to a commission to sculpt new pieces for the Steven's Hartland Collectibles tenite range. Alas, before the first of her contract masters were delivered, Stevens suffered the disastrous flood that put them our of the mass-produced model horse business. 
Health problems from 1990 onwards prevent Keren from doing much in the way of custom or original work, but in 1997 Daphne Macpherson of Cascade Models issued one of Keren's pieces originally intended for Hartland: the Clydesdale Colt 'FLOWER OF LANARK' 
Since then, Keren has been working on a number of new pieces. The Desert Artisans was debuting the first of these, a stablemate scale Arabian stallion inspired by her real Padron grandson, Roupert.
- Name - - Year - - Run - - Price - - status - - picture -
Flower of Lanark 1997 50 £70
few left
Flower of Lanark
Malik en Nasiim 1999 15 £35 few left
 Malik en Nasiim