🎁 December 2017 🎁

ASB - a Saddlebred stallion by Sarah Rose
Polaris - the sweet Trick pony by Vincent Lange
Artesia - a galloping mare by Lynn Fraley
Toby - a small trotting Drafter by Horsing Around
Arabian medallion by Yana Danilova

November 2017
Luan - a relaxed Arabian stallion by Eva Rossiter
Portia and Alexis - a Pony mare and foal set by Mindy Berg
Tadpole - the famous chunky Shetland Pony by Kylee Parks
Jools - a standing Friesian stallion by Josine Vingerling
Tor, Inger and Leif - a Fjord family by Candace Liddy
Alejandro - a trotting Hackney by Yana Danilova

👻 October 2017 👻

Vortex - a bucking Mustang by Airen Chandler via Seunta, LLC
Mini Thunderbutt - the SM version of Kitty Cantrell's popular Draft
Serendipity - an Arabian mare by Kitty Cantrell
MM Gypsy Vanner - a Micro Mini Vanner by Kelly Sealey
ICE - the adorable Akhal Teke foal by Christina Riley
Archer - a jumping gelding by Trish Forsyth
Auron - a Welsh Pony stallion by Kim Murray
Athena - a rearing mare by Tammy Myrold

September 2017
Mini Benicio - the small version of the uber-popular Shire by Sue Kern
Bride - the peacock-feathered princess horse by Oleg Bazhenov via Seunta, LLC
Gigi - a charming little Pony mare by Mindy Berg

August 2017
Adib - a standing Arabian stallion by Josine Vingerling
Nazira - a Modelhorsefest SR Arabian mare by Brigitte Eberl
La Nuova - a standing WB mare by Brigitte Eberl
Rorschach - a young stallion by Sue Kern 

July 2017
Bunny - the standing Draft mare by Stacey Tumlinson
Fiesta and Laura - the playful mare and dog set by Yana Danilova
Upton - the braided jumper by Morgen Kilbourn
Switchback - a classic rearing Mustang by Kitty Cantrell
Anton - a trotting WB by Brigitte Eberl
Adderly - a feisty Pony mare by Lynn Fraley

June 2017
Aeos - an Iberian stallion by Lynn Fraley
the Nemesis - a rearing Mustang by Kitty Cantrell
Tikva - an Arabian mare by Jenn Kroll
Leonardo - general release of Emilia Kurila's WE stallion

May 2017
Erastus - a standing Mustang by Kitty Cantrell and Randy Buckler
Windbreak - a Mustang gelding by Julie Brooks
Bucephalus - the iconic stallion by Oleg Bazhenov
Joker - a playful Akhal Teke mare by Oleg Bazhenov
Acacia - an Arabian mare by Anna Zaharenkova

April 2017
Covergirl - a dynamic Saddlebred mare by Jennifer Scott
Bellamira - a standing lipizzan mare by Brigitte Eberl
Dante - a trotting Oldenburg by Brigitte Eberl
Zhorik - the funny sitting gelding by Yana Danilova
Malikai - a chunky gelding by Amanda Brock

March 2017
Lada - the rolling mare by Yana Danilova
Night Owl - a prancing stallion by Sue Kern
Moonpie - a new Saddlebred mare by Airen Chandler

February 2017
Wilga - a Hucul mare by Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko and Lea K. Magga
Day Dreamer - an Arabian stallion by Jen Olp

January 2017
Leela - a sleepy mule foal by Jenn Danza
Maro - the miniature Mustang by Sue Kern
Gazyr and Asman - two Akhal Teke stallions by Margarita Malova

December 2016
Gabriel - a mini Friesian by Josine Vingerling
429 - a Mustang stallion by Sue Kern
Lucius V2 - Lusitano by Emilia Kurila - limited preorders!

November 2016
Tanec - an Orlov trotter by Yana Danilova
Honey - a trotting Irish Draught mare by Eva Rossiter

🎃 October 2016 🎃
Tetradrachm - a trotting WB stallion by Morgen Kilbourn
Gizma - the standing Akhal Teke mare by Katya Elp
Almaz-Bek - a SM Akhal Teke by Oksana Kuks
Wah-Hoo - a rearing Mustang by Kitty Cantrell

September 2016
 Excelsior - a Pegasus mare by Rayvin Brewer
Quicksand - the stock horse mare by Airen Chandler for Seunta, LLC
Decreto - a spanish stallion by Marina Krawack for Seunta, LLC
Genç - an Akhal Teke by Oleg Bazhenov for Seunta, LLC

August 2016
Sierra - a rearing mare by Brigitte Eberl
Lil Rio - the rearing Shetland by Jenn Kroll
Afficionado - a Lusitano by Brigitte Eberl
Estimada - the 6th Cobra mare by Brigitte Eberl

July 2016
5 new resins by Airen Chandler for Seunta, LLC!
(Alonzo, Gravity, Lightning Bug, Marvin, Quicksand)
Bask+ - the long awaited Arabian legend by Kathi Bogucki
Nagmificent - the snotty mare by Kathi Bogucki
Turko II - an iberian stallion by Kathi Bogucki
Tumbleweed, Whirlwind and Amarant by Maggie Bennett
Magrathea - the mini Pony mare by Mindy Berg
Orion - the SM jumper by Stacey Tumlinson

June 2016
Torran - a trotting stallion by Lynn Fraley
Noblesse - the Lipizzan mare by Brigitte Eberl
Zug - the feisty little draft stallion by Sarah Minkiewicz
Capriole - the Lipizzan stallion by Kelly Sealey

May 2016
Clover - the gymkhana pony by Kitty Cantrell via Seunta, LLC
Cornpone - a draft mule by Kitty Cantrell
 Jessy - the trotting Welsh pony mare by Brigitte Eberl
 Socks and Sneakers - a mare / foal set by Kitty Cantrell via Seunta, LLC
Fiddler - the fiery pony stallion by Rebecca Turner
Arkhaim - a russian Draft stallion by Rebecca Turner
Jumper Last Time - a jumping WB by Rebecca Turner

April 2016
Kutuyah - the Yakutian mare by Anna Zaharenkova
Anubis - a standing Arabian by Sheri Rhodes and Becky Turner
Benicio - the playful Shire gelding by Sue Kern via Seunta, LLC

March 2016
Altocumulus - the Haflinger stallion by Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko
Dakota - a pony mare by Yana Danilova

February 2016
Ronco - a historical WB by Brigitte Eberl
Woolly Willem - the winter stallion by Josine Vingerling
Valentin II - a reworked version of Brigitte Eberl's famous drafter
Branston - the LB gelding by Eva Rossiter
Roux and Remy - a sweet mare / foal set by Seunta, LLC
Chewie - the chunky little Draft stallion by Rayvin Brewer

January 2016
Alfar - the sleepy Fjord by Kristina Lucas Francis
Dolittle - a sleepy mare by Mindy Berg
Statham - the jumping WB by Yana Danilova and Margarita Malova
Mishka  a sleepy Shire mare by Yana Danilova

December 2015
Garayusup - a classic Akhal Teke by Oleg Bazhenov
Tokhtamysh - the trotting Akhal Teke by Oleg Bazhenov
Mini Hazel - the famous mare by Morgen Kilbourn
!!UPDATED!! The China Gallery !!UPDATED!!
Merryweather - a rearing Shetland by DeeAnn Kjelshus
Realta - the jumping WB mare by Eva Rossiter

November 2015
Rubin - a standing WB gelding by Brigitte Eberl
Amethist - the trotting SM Andalusian by Oksana Kuks
Bill - a scratching gelding by Maggie Bennett
Rajah - the traditional Marwari by Jennifer Scott

October 2015
3 new resins by Deb McDermott - Ardennes, Black Forest and Camargue
!!LIVE!! The China Gallery !!
Lucius - the amazing Lusitano stallion by Emilia Kurila

September 2015
Estella 2.0 - re-releae of Brigitte's famous Cobra mare - with a mane!
Syringa - the sweet mare from Lynn Fraley
Ghazal - the famous Arabian stallion by Marina Krawack
Willem - a Mini Comtois stallion by Josine Vingerling
Tack Gallery by Liz Shaw added!

August 2015
Harlequin - a rearing Shetland gelding by Brigitte Eberl
Last Tyme - a jumping WB by Rebecca Turner / Sommer Prosser
Perkoz - a Wielkopolski stallion by Anna Dobrowolska
Sly Lassie - a trotting Tinker mare by Morgen Kilbourn

July 2015
Akhal Teke mare - a standing mare by Brigitte Eberl for German Modellpferdefest
Mira - the Mustang mare by Sheila Bishop
Adlai - a Park Arabian by Tabatha Pack

June 2015
Dartanian - the Iberian stallion by Sarah Minkiewicz
Blitz'n'Pieces -a stomping gelding by Sarah Minkiewicz
Rafael - the WB gelding by Tracie Caller
Tziporah - a trotting Arabian mare by Stacey Tumlinson

May 2015
Twister - a Mustang stallion by Seunta, LLC
Jezabel - a fiery wild mare by Michelle Platt
Muffin Top - the sitting Pony by Sheila Anderson
Thunder - a rearing Mustang stallion by Kimberley Smith
Valkyrie - a rearing Friesian mare by Seunta, LLC
Snegir - an Orlov Trotter by Anna Dobrowolska
Arabian mare in Foal - by Anna Dobrowolska
Equitano - the Lusitano stallion by Sheila Anderson
Moxie - the SM Stock Horse mare by Sarah Rose

April 2015
Dozer - a trotting Clydesdale colt by Sheri Rhodes
Serenity - the Stock Horse stallion by Seunta LLC
Firefly - the jumping mare by Seunta LLC
Marco Polo Pony - the Polo Pony by Kitty Cantrell via Seunta LLC
Adagio and Arpeggio - two Lippizzan stallions in Levade by Adalee Velazquez
Acquiesce - the Classic Stock Horse mare by Kimberley Smith
Gibson - the galopping Stock Horse by Cindi Wyatt

March 2015
Fire and Ice - two gallopping TB colts by Kitty Cantrell
Zephyrus - a running Arabian by Jennifer Scott
Joey - a sitting Pony gelding by Sue Sifton
Hillingar - a fiery Unicorn by Sarah Minkiewicz
Fritz - the Friesian stallion by Sarah Minkiewicz
Akhal Teke - a rearing stallion by Brigitte Eberl
Lentisco - the standing Lusitano by Brigitte Eberl
Wespe - the WB mare by Brigitte Eberl

February 2015
Mini Khan - the SM Akhal Teke by Sarah Rose
Valkyrie - a fiery mare by Sarah Minkiewicz
Goblin - the feisty Konik stallion by Sarah Minkiewicz
Benedek - a prancing Kladruber stallion by Sarah Minkiewicz
Popcorn - a fluffy Pony by Sarah Minkiewicz
Peanut - a Draft stallion by Sarah Minkiewicz
Styx - a reworked, more fluffy Dante by Sarah Minkiewicz

December 2014
Dynasty - the Chinese Horse by Seunta, LLC
Mini Horatio - a feisty Drafter by Sue Kern
Closing Argument - the TB stallion by Alexandra Kline
Gypsy Gold - the galopping Vanner by Kitty Cantrell
Sherman - a standing gelding by Yvonne Stevens
Woodbridge - the Draft stallion by Kitty Cantrell

November 2014
 Leica Vino - a galloping TB by Alexandra Kline
Rocket - a Standardbred mare by Kitty Cantrell
Nightmare - the bat-horse by Kitty Cantrell
Reboot - a trotting QH by Seunta LLC
Ronan - the Connemara Pony by Eva Rossiter
Moonbeam - a Saddlebred Mare by Seunta, LLC
Skippy - the Stock Horse Foal by Seunta, LLC
Sweetie - the Stock Horse Mare by Seunta, LLC
Fuerte - Josine Vingerling's braided PRE stallion
Brother - an Arabian stallion by Seunta LLC
Lyla - the Arabian mare by Debbi Lermond, a Black Friday SR

October 2014
China Fausto - Josine Vingerling's PRE released by Animal Artistry
Ranch Mare - a Stock Mare by Morgen Kilbourn
China Esplendida - Brigitte Eberl's Cobra mare released by Horsing Around
Poconos - a Mustang stallion by Kitty Cantrell via Seunta LLC
Föhn - a Pony gelding by Seunta LLC
Geordi LaFjord - a Fjord mare by Rayvin Brewer

September 2014
Finchen - Fjord Pony by Natascha Weber
Akheem - an Arabian stallion by Horsing Around
Go Boy's Shadow - a TWH stallion by Kristina Lucas Francis
Samson - a Gypsy Vanner by Horsing Around
Night Heather + Moonlit Dale - a Fell Pony mare with foal by Kelly Sealey

August 2014
Uilleam - a Clydesdale gelding by Jennifer Scott
SM McCoy Family - a SM Hank McCoy with matching mare and foal by Sue Kern
Moonshine - a Saddlebred mare by Kitty Cantrell via Seunta LLC

June 2014
Wega - an Arabian mare by Brigitte Eberl
Donkey Family - a Donkey trio by Brigitte Eberl